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S I T E     R E V I E W


Falcon Education Link and Shakespeare Resource

The author has "interpreted" Hamlet and Macbeth to help students (and others) to understand them.

The graphics of the torches on the Home Page are very eye catching and although the additional graphics on following pages are minimal they are appropriate.

This site is minimalist but very well organized. The plays are broken into acts and easy to access, with all the major areas in an easily accessible format at the top of the Home Page.

This site can make anyone a fan of Shakespeare! The summations of the two plays listed here are wonderfully entertaining and funny. The author uses everyday language and analogies to get the point across. It is obvious that he not only knows his stuff but enjoys it. The reader is swept up in the narration and has finished Act I before realizing they have read that far. This is a great place for students currently studying Shakespeare or for anyone who just "didn't get it" back in High School. And while those new to Shakespeare will appreciate the simplified text, event afficiendos will enjoy the humor. It's a great read. You'll wish there were more plays here.