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S I T E     R E V I E W
October 15, 1999

The Moonlit Road

How many of us remember sitting around a campfire or on a dark front porch telling ghost stories and looking over our shoulders into the night? The Moonlit Road is a Web site you can use to bring classic spooky tales from America's South into your classroom.

A dark background and eerie graphics add to the spooky atmosphere of the site.

Current stories can be found in the Feature Stories section, and older stories are available in the Archives. RealPlayer is required to listen to the audio versions, and an Mp3 player is required for the Mp3 versions. Both can be downloaded from the site. Registration (free) is required to access archived stories.

Storytelling is a fine art that has been passed down through the generations. The Moonlit Road is an excellent place to expose your class to this great American tradition. The site features a new set of stories each month and offers them in text, audio, and Mp3 versions. A fun activity could include giving students the text versions of the stories to tell (or read) to the class, next listen to the professionals tell them in rich southern accents, then compare the two renditions. Be sure to pull the curtains and darken the classroom! The Mp3 files make it easy to download and save the stories ahead of time. If you want to haunt your classroom for Halloween, then definitely take a walk down The Moonlit Road! Your students will love it!