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S I T E     R E V I E W
October 15, 1999

GRADE LEVEL: Professionals

Afterschool.gov is a definitive resource on starting, upgrading, and funding after-school programs in the United States.

The site features bright, cheery colors and few nice graphics.

The site features navigational bars at the top bottom and left side of the pages. Be sure to check out the site map for a great graphic overview of what this site has to offer.

Afterschool.gov is a site well worth the time it takes to look it over. One of the most important resources featured is a searchable database of federal funding sources for after-school programs. Don't stop there, though; this site has plenty more! Be sure to check out the Building Strong Programs section for some inspiring community success stories and the Publications and Clearinghouses section for a list of links to more federal information. The site also features special sections with information and resources on individual issues important to building a good program, such as healthful snacks, safe environments, enrichment activities, and substance-abuse prevention.