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S I T E     R E V I E W
October, 1998


Users will find brain games, puzzles, and activities for math, language, and philosophy.

Some games require Java-capable browsers. Many games and puzzles can be downloaded for use offline or in classrooms.

Each section has hyperlinks to specific games, puzzles and information. At the bottom of each page are pull down menus for choosing site sections, book pages, search options, and interactive areas. Clicking on the Thinks.com logo will lead users back to the home page.

There are tons of games, puzzles, and brainteasers here. Users looking to challenge themselves with math, linguistics, logic, and trivia games and puzzles will love this site. Viewers will find anagram crosswords, conundrums, fractal art, mazes, puns, quizzes, and riddles, among other activities. The site includes information on books related to puzzles, forums for users to communicate, and guides to finding additional gaming resources on the Internet. The activities here can be played online or downloaded for use offline. Educators will need to preview the site to find appropriate material. Teachers could use many of the activities here to enhance lesson plans, online or in the classroom.