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S I T E     R E V I E W
October, 1998


The site has links and resources for every major and minor science discipline. The site has a special section for K-12 science resources. The site features selected, "hot topic" research articles.

The home page has so much information it can seem overwhelming. Topics are listed in tables on a black background.

Resources are organized by scientific discipline. The articles are indexed on the home page. Each section displays the specialty areas in a table and additional information shown in its own box.

This is a huge site. Resources and links to related resources for general and specific areas of science are listed here. Every major science section has a "Specialty Gateway," with links to specific disciplines within the field. The main sections have related product information, details on conferences and meetings, career resources, links to databases, funding resources, institution lists, subject journals, news, and links to discussion groups. Users can search the entire site for a specific piece of information. Anyone involved in the field of science should have this site marked for reference. Educators and students should definitely be able to find what they need here.