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S I T E     R E V I E W
October, 1998


The Nova Web site comes from the Australian Academy of Science and provides units of information to help explain science issues in the news.

The information units are displayed as notebooks with subject divider tags. The text is large and well-spaced.

Each information packet uses the same colored tabs to identify sections. Every page has a colored navigation menu with links to each area of the site.

Nova is sponsored by the Australian Academy of Science and was created to give viewers information on the scientific principles and concepts in the headlines. The site has reliable and up-to-date information for high school (secondary school) teachers. Non-educators and students will also find the information useful. Experts in the reported field of study have checked and updated the information. Each area has key text, activities, and useful terms. The units include a section of links to other related resources and suggestions for further reading on the topic. This is a great way to interest students in science, by relating it to the news they're hearing.