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S I T E     R E V I E W
October, 1998

Kids Farm

The site has information and resources about farms and farm animals. The site comes from the Kids Farm ranches in Colorado.

The home page is colorful and uses drawings for icons on its menu. The site includes a lot of images of animals and places on the farm.

Each section has both text and images identifying links, so younger viewers can navigate with ease. Viewers must use their back buttons to return to a previous page. The bottom of every page has a menu with links to the table of contents or back to the home page.

The Kids Farm Web site comes from the Kids Farm ranches in Colorado. Children can visit the ranches to learn about farm animals and the workings of a farm. By visiting this site, students can get similar information. The site has sections for information about farm animals, wild animals, kids' rodeos, crops, and equipment. Each section has photo images from the farm or other sources. Every area includes short background text and information on the subject. This is an excellent site for elementary educators looking for a complete unit about farms. Children and parents may wish to visit the site on their own for an informative, educational family site.