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S I T E     R E V I E W
October, 1998
Updated JUNE, 2007

@rt room

The "@art" room is set up like a school's art room with activity centers, exhibitions, and projects for kids.

The color scheme and layout are uniform. The text font is large enough for a younger audience.

Most pages have the same navigation menu on the sidebar. Some pages provide only a link back to the section front page. Each section is marked with a title graphic at the top.

The @rt room is set up around activity centers, places where children can view other users' work or get ideas for their own projects. Users enter the centers from the "@rt room doorway" link. This leads to six centers of information. The "@rt sparkers" section has art project ideas for classrooms or at home. "@rtrageous thinking" has activities and questions to get students thinking like an artist. The "@rt gallery" houses artwork by kids from all over the world. In the "@rtifacts" section users can read historical facts and trivia from the art world and in the "@rt library" viewers can browse art book reviews. The site includes links to other Web sites and resources about art on the Internet. Students and parents can work together to get ideas for activities. Art teachers can get project ideas or let their students browse the site for their own ideas.