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S I T E     R E V I E W

Wonder Korner
GRADE LEVEL: K-12 & Professionals

Part of the World Village Web site, this page is dedicated to posting and answering questions from students on a wide range of topics.

The site uses graphics and colors that make it appealing to a younger audience. The information itself is presented as a list of questions.

The current questions are shown in a long list that is accessible by scrolling. The answers are found in links to outside sites, additional information, or both. There is a separate area with past questions and answers.

Kids have lots and lots of questions. This site will let kids ask questions and read the answers along with answers to other questions. Just about any topic is fair game -- science, math, social and current events, famous people, food and more. A sampling of current questions includes "What are some ways to lose weight while eating regular food?" and "Where can I read about what sixth grade is like?" Because the answers are actually links to other areas on the Internet, this is a great site to use for a classroom Internet activity. Students could review the list of questions, select one and find out where it leads (more advanced classes could also conduct research on the Internet to find additional answers to the question). Or, the site could be used as a springboard for another activity where students make their own list of questions and research answers, coming up with one link they feel best answers the question, just as the site does. Finally, in addition to being a great tool for practice with the Internet, there's also a lot of great information here on a lot of different topics. The site could be used by students and teachers of many disciplines.