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Substitute Teacher Homepage
GRADE LEVEL:Professionals

A page designed for substitute teachers, but it contains information and stories that might help any teacher.

The site makes good use of graphics, tables and spacing.

All of the topics discussed in the site are listed on the main page. Each page has a text navigation menu at the bottom that allows the user to move around the site easily.

This Web site focuses on the needs and problems of substitute teaching (but "regular" teachers could use some of the information as well). In fact, the site does include information for non-substitute teachers to help substitutes make the most of their time spent in the classroom. Reciprocally, it includes information for substitutes for making the regular teacher's return more smooth. Substitute teachers can also find classroom tips, time killers, wage information, stories and quotes from other substitutes. Also, they can read some "battleground" stories from students. This is a great place for substitute teachers to share information and gain a sense of comradery. It's just as useful for regular teachers to look over so that leaving a class in the hands of another teacher ends up being a pleasant experience for everyone involved.