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S I T E     R E V I E W

GRADE LEVEL: 2-12 & Professionals

This Web site has teacher resources and student projects for incorporating the Internet into the classroom. Some of the resources are only available by paid subscription.

The site is very colorful and uses graphic buttons and text to divide sections and mark links. Most sections have their own layout and color schemes.

The graphical menu at the top of each site lets users know which area they are reading by displaying faded images of the other section icons and highlighting the current section icon. The site includes an overview, a description section, a visitor's guide and a site map/table of contents which allows users to familiarize themselves with the site quickly.

Although some of this section requires registration (free for teachers) users may find it worth taking the time to do. There is a lot of information here on curriculum, professional development, Internet-based projects and activities. Students also have a section that lists projects and allows them to communicate and play games with other students. Teachers and students of many subjects can find resources and lessons here. Some of the information is only available by subscription (the price and information for registering are listed on the site). The resources are updated weekly and are specifically geared to using the Internet for education. This could be a great resource for some teachers.