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Calculators Online
http://www.martindalecenter.com/Calculators.html GRADE LEVEL: 3-12

This Web site has a lot of information. While the title is "Calculators Online" the site has links to calculators, tools, games and activities for a multitude of subjects.

The site uses a dark blue background and yellow text. The font size is somewhat small and the site can be difficult to read for long periods of time.

The information is displayed in table format with jumps from the main headings to each table. Since the links are all to pages outside the site no navigation menus or tools are available except the back button on users' browsers.

This Web site may appear to be mainly for students and teachers in science and mathematics fields but there is actually a lot of information for other disciplines as well. The site has four tables of information. Table two has mathematics calculators, table three has science and table four has engineering resources. Table one covers a variety of subjects such as agriculture, automobiles, arts and crafts, calendars, communication, finance, government, computers, home repair, law and medicine. Although the title uses the word 'calculator' many of the links are to tools or additional information such as clothing size charts, nutrition information and election simulators. This is a great site for facts and information and needs to be bookmarked for future reference. Teachers and students alike could use this in class or for projects for a variety of subjects.