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Adventures In Education

This site has invaluable information online to assist students and parents in the daunting task of financing higher education.

Small, consistent graphics guide the user through the major areas of the site with ease.

This site is well organized, but sometimes I got lost while wandering through their (quite extensive) pages.

The wonderful area of interest to parents, counsellors, and students is the Financial Aid Office. This is divided into two categories, Scholarships Resources which are simply other links to important financial aid sites on the internet, and Financial Aid Office Reference Guide, the jewel of the site. Here you will find a "Guided Tour" about paying for school, including scholarships, grants, loans, etc. But within these pages, follow the hypertext links within the paragraphs, because there are hidden treasures behind each one! Learn about how to pick a career by accessing your sinterests and developing a career plan, or learn how to pick schools by gathering information and evaluating their characteristics... much, much more! For me, much of this information was hidden in unemphasized links, however, the Table of Contents (although it does not list every page on the site) is of some help. This is a very valuable, information-packed site.