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September 15, 1999

The Crusades: A View from Jordan

The Crusades, an embarrassing chapter in European history, left behind a fascinating legacy of fortified castles all over the Holy Land. Go on a virtual tour with this sixth-grade class from Jordan as the students explore the history of these beautiful architectural landmarks.

The site has many photos, including plenty of great images of the castles.

The site is well organized and features navigational links at the tops and bottoms of the pages. Many pages can be slow loading because of the large image files.

In 1909, before his years of heroism and fame, Lawrence of Arabia set out to visit the crusaders' castles on foot. He walked more 1,000 miles, and learned a great deal about an almost forgotten chapter in world history. Now you have the opportunity to tour some of these historic ruins. Go along with Mr. Barnwell's sixth-grade class from Amman, Jordan, and explore the castles, learn about the different crusades, and even begin to understand the lives of the crusaders themselves! This joint teacher-students project is well put together and includes lesson planning tips for building your own castles! Have fun with this one!