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S I T E     R E V I E W
September 15, 1999

The Center for Critical Thinking (/cthink)
GRADE LEVEL: K to 12+, Professional

/cthink is dedicated to the art of teaching critical-thinking skills in the classroom, offering articles, and providing other resources.

Plain text and few graphics make this a fast loading site.

The layout is simple, but the site lacks navigational links, so you'll need to use your browser's back button.

Critical thinking is an elusive concept because it isn't about anything concrete or content oriented. Critical thinking is a way of looking at the world, forming questions, and answering them. Because of their intangible nature, critical-thinking skills can be difficult to teach. The /cthink Web site is a great place for ideas about how to encourage the development of critical-thinking skills in students. The site includes K to 12- and university-level sections, each with its own set of resources and library of articles. Teachers will find this site a great resource!