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September 15, 1999

The 1900s
GRADE LEVEL: 4 to 12

The 1900s site is a timeline of the last 100 years, which includes audio clips of music, famous speeches, and other noteworthy sounds of American culture.

The site has a simple layout and few graphics.

The site is organized by decades; navigation bars at the top of each page and a handy Next Decade link at the bottom make exploring the site a snap.

Browsers can learn about important events of the last century and listen to short audio clips of such individuals as Scott Joplin, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Neil Armstrong, and plenty of other personalities from America's past. The site also includes some powerful recordings of news events, such as the explosion of the space shuttle Challenger and the shootings of Kent State University students by the Ohio National Guard. The descriptions of events are brief but include wider cultural happenings, such as what was hot in music, popular dances, radio, and television. The 1900s is a great complement to the regular curriculum in the upper grades and can help give students in the younger grades a feeling for the century just past.