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S I T E     R E V I E W
September, 1998
Updated JUNE, 2007


This is a complete Web site for Spanish language education and learning resources on the Internet.

The site uses a light blue background with bright red and yellow headings. Most information is located in the center of the page.

The front page has links on the left-side menu to each section. Inside pages have similar navigation menus at the top.

The Webspaol Web site presents a multitude of Internet resources related to the Spanish language. Users will find information on free language learning software, a section of online tests based on translated Beatles song lyrics, a Spanish jokes section, verb tables, and pronunciation guides. The site includes interactive sections where users can participate in an English-Spanish e-mail exchange program. Users can visit the message board to post questions, or to chat in Spanish with native speakers. This is a high-tech version of a Spanish class. Students will like practicing their skills here and teachers will find activities to spice up their lessons.