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S I T E     R E V I E W
September, 1998


From the Nickelodeon cable television channel, this Web site is an educational resource for teachers. The site provides information on the channel's educational television shows and how to use them in the classroom.

The site is clean and sharp, balancing graphics and text well.

Users will find each section listed on the home page. Inside the site each page displays the same navigational menu with graphics and text. Some sections require users to scroll down the page to see everything.

The Web site acts as a guide to the programming found on the Nickelodeon cable television channel. The channel features programming for 2 -15 year olds. Many of the shows are educational in nature and the channel includes programming intended for the classroom, such as "Nick News," "Mr. Wizard's World," and "The Big Help." The purpose of Teachers.Nick.Com is to provide classroom resources that complement the programming. Teachers can follow the programming calendar for videotape planning. Users can choose lesson plans to download and print for use in class. The Help section provides detailed instructions for acquiring the resources at the site. Viewers can use the search engine to locate specific information. The site offers a mailing list to update users on additions to the site and programming information. The Web site is set up to make using the resources and programming a very easy undertaking. Teachers can find ways to discuss shows their students have seen or to teach subjects mentioned in programming. Parents and preschool teachers can do the same for younger children.