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S I T E     R E V I E W
September, 1998


Quia allows users to create their own Java-based games, quizzes and other tools for online teaching. Users can view the completed activities or add new ones, free-of-charge.

The site uses a lot of white space and minimal graphics, which make the site easy to read. The games use large, colored squares. The whole site could easily be used by younger students.

All available subjects are listed on the home page. Each subject page has numbered lists of activities, which include the activity title and description, along with the author's name and email address. Each page includes a link at the bottom to take viewers back to the home page. Every subject page has a link to allow users to create a new activity.

Quia allows users to create Java-enabled matching, concentration, and flashcard learning games. Viewers fill out the online form, choose the desired options and the Web site creates the games. Users will find games for a variety of subjects, including foreign languages, mathematics, science, history, and geography. Because the games are created by users, the grade level and content varies greatly. Teachers should view the material before including it in lesson plans. Educators with Java-capable browsers in their classrooms will love this site. It can be used in a number of different classes for repetition drills or online quizzes. Students will like the ability to practice their subjects.