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September, 1998
This new site under construction September, 2008

Custer Battlefield

The Web site focuses on the Custer Battlefield, the Battle of Little Big Horn, and the Plains Indian Wars.

Each section uses the same background and layout.

Viewers must use their browsers' back buttons to return to the prior page. All sections are listed as hyperlinks on the home page. (The pull down menu at the bottom of the page does not work.)

The Web site comes from the Custer Battlefield Historical and Museum Association, and was created for people interested in General Custer. Users will find regular updates in the section titled "News from the Battlefield," which provides information on the happenings at and around the Little Bighorn Battlefield National Monument in Montana. Students will find online biographies of Gen. Custer, Frederick Benteen, Marcus Reno, and Sitting Bull. Detailed information on the Battle of Little Bighorn is available at the site. Viewers can get specific information about trips to the monument. After reading the information at the site, visitors can take an online quiz. The information here is detailed and limited to a very specific topic. It would be especially useful to students doing research for reports, or for a short, interactive lesson on the subject matter.