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S I T E     R E V I E W
September, 1998

The Chatback Trust

The Chatback project helps special-needs schools communicate using email. The Web site features projects and moderated mailing lists.

The layout of each section is different. Some sections use graphics and photo images. Others are mainly text.

Every page has a link to the home page. Some pages have complete navigation menus with buttons to each section.

The Chatback project allows students to correspond via email, for social interaction or for work on classroom projects. Each month the site lists the projects it has created. Project examples include "Memories of the 1940s," in which participants recall their experiences during the Second World War. Users can correspond directly with the participants or read their stories online. Some additional projects supplement the main project. "Granny's Kitchen," for example, provides recipes and information on cooking with rations. Other projects are completely independent, such as the "View From My Window" project, where students write a description of the view from their window. All projects use email as their main communication and some utilize mailing lists as well. Audience participation really enhances this site. Depending on the current projects, a variety of classes could use the information here for lesson planning.