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S I T E     R E V I E W

The Star
GRADE LEVEL: 9-12 & Professionals

This is a Web site for anyone involved with arts education. The site has resources for students and teachers as well as links to art images and suppliers.

The site uses a one-colored background and graphics to highlight the links to different sections. Subsequent pages use fewer graphics and more text.

Each of the areas of the site is well-marked on the main page and each section has a navigational menu at the bottom linking to each of the other sections.

This site was created by an art teacher who wanted to give students and teachers a place to easily locate resources, lesson plans, supplies and information for arts education. In addition, the creator wanted to provide a place for students to showcase art work. The Teachers Page and Student Page are the two main pages with additional sections on art supplies and art images, and a student showcase. The teacher's area has lesson plans, questions from teachers, links to outside art education resources and even a showcase for teachers. In addition to the student showcase, the student's section has interesting perspectives on art, a cartoon page, and outside links. The supplies area provides links to art suppliers and the images section has an extensive list of Internet art images and art collections. This site is set up so teachers and students can find what they're looking for, If it's not here, the author welcomes suggestions and additions. This is a good starting point for art teachers (and students) new to the Internet.