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S I T E     R E V I E W

Stanford Solar Center

This site has educational information, resources and educational activities regarding the sun. Users can learn about the Sun's magnetic field, sunspots and what's happening inside the sun.

The site uses a lot of yellow and orange in its design. Most of the links are available from graphical buttons and most text descriptions are highlighted with images.

The Highlights page presents a synopsis of the Web site and allows the user to "get a feel" for the information found here. Each section is listed on the main page and each area has links to the other sections or back to the home page.

The site uses information gained from the Solar Oscillations Investigation (an international project to study the interior structure and dynamics of the sun) and data from the Solar and Heliospheric Observatory data. The site provides links to both sites for more information. Although the data comes from advanced scientific projects, this site is set up for a general audience. The information here is for students interested in studying the sun. The site includes activities, a scavenger hunt, quizzes, folklore about the sun, a question and answer section and an area of "Solar Art". The site also has a glossary to explain the more difficult terms and a page of links to outside resources for additional information. The "Sun-on-Earth" area discusses such topics as auroras, rainbows, and sunrises and sunsets. The "About the Sun" section has videos, sun statistics, sunspot and solar mission information, plus images of the sun. The goal of the site is to make science fun and enjoyable while providing a lot of information on the sun and how it affects us. Most of the information and activities are geared to 4th -12th grade students but almost anyone can find something of interest. This is a great place for science teachers or students to find sun-related units and lessons.