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S I T E     R E V I E W
September, 1997

Discoverer's Web

This page has a ton of links to information on discoverers and explorers, from prehistoric man through modern day. The only topic that appears to be missing is space exploration.

The entire site is text-based with a few exceptions from outside Web sites. The main page has a long list of categories and links and since a lot of the links lead to other Web sites the layout of pages is not consistent. The site uses a simple, gray background and black text.

The resources are divided into time periods and/or geographic locations (of exploration). These are presented as a long list that can be read by scrolling down the page. Most of the pages do not have a link back to the Web site so the browser's back button must be used.

This Web site has an enormous amount of information. The main theme of the site is voyages of exploration and discovery and that covers a lot of ground. Some of the sections on the site are listings of sites with multiple pages of information; an alphabetical list of explorers; links to pictures, drawings and photographs of explorers and their voyages; a list of explorers who died during their voyages; a list of additional sources; special sections on the Vikings and Columbus; and biographies of some explorers. All this information is in addition to the extensive list found on the home page which covers the explorations during the time of the Romans, the Middle Ages and the "Age of Discovery" (1400-1520). The main page also has information grouped by the geographic locations, such as the East Indies and North, Central and South America. The site even includes information on the Polar regions and discoveries in the ocean. This is an excellent resource site for history teachers and students and would make an excellent companion to lessons on exploration or specific time periods.