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S I T E     R E V I E W
August 15, 1999

A Lifetime of Color

A Lifetime of Color is an art education site that includes ArtEdventure games, lessons on art and art history, plus teachers guides and lesson plans.

You'll find an appealing layout with lots of great illustrations and fine-art images.

The site has four main sections plus a newsletter. Each section has its own index set up in a table format.

Would your students like to go on an ArtEdventure with Carmine the Chameleon? The games are fun and entertaining, and your kids will learn all kinds of cool things about art history and color theory. These games aren't all that's on this great site designed by the Sanford art supplies company. You'll also find a long list of art lessons, lesson plans, and guides for teaching art in the classroom. The site's learning opportunities vary in complexity, making it useful for all grade levels. Early primary classroom teachers can use some of the simpler games for group activities. Older primary and middle-school students will love to explore the ArtEdventures, and high-school students will enjoy the more challenging and complex art and art history lessons. Here is a fun site with lots to do and learn!