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S I T E     R E V I E W
August 15, 1999


atalhyk is an ancient city in Turkey and the site of a virtual archeological dig. Here students can explore the artifacts and mysteries uncovered at the dig, learn more about the role each member of the excavation's international team, try some activities, and do plenty more!

Lots of great images and videos and a comic book style layout make this site appealing to kids.

Use the navigation links at the bottoms of the pages to get around the site. Modem users may find that bulky graphics make the site slow to load. The videos require QTVR and Real Video plug-ins.

The field of archaeology fascinates many young people. At the atalhyk site, kids have an opportunity to explore an archaeological dig in a fun and interactive way and get a feel for archaeological fieldwork. The site features the journal of atalhyk's finds supervisor, Louise Doughty, which contains regular entries about the projects currently taking place at the excavation. The People and Processes section explores the different roles of the people who work at atalhyk and the processes they use to study the artifacts they find. Users can also study the Artifacts and Recent Findings section, then look for answers to the mystery questions on the main page. The site doesn't offer a classroom guide, but a creative teacher should be able to find plenty of great ideas for an interdisciplinary project from this fun and informative site. Your kids will soon be begging to take a field trip to Turkey!