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S I T E     R E V I E W
August 1, 1999


Zuzu is an e-zine featuring the artwork, writing, and opinions of young people.

The site features several great illustrations by kids, with fun, brightly colored backgrounds.

The home page is the index; click on ruby slippers at the bottom of all the other pages to go "home."

This hot little virtual periodical originated as a "real-life" printed magazine in New York City and, after a brief demise, was resurrected in its current Internet format. The electronic format has allowed the circulation to expand and include readers and contributors from all over the world. Zuzu is actively looking for more kids to contribute, so encourage your students to get involved! The writing and format of Zuzu is very appealing and can be a great addition to the classroom! A sampling of the sections include Artwork, Mysterious Stories, Poetry, Creative Writing, Photos, Courageous Kids, Computer Kids, Neighborhood Reports, Virtual Vacations, and lots more. Parents, this is a great summer site for kids!