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August 1, 1999
Updated JUNE, 2007

How Our Hawaiian Islands Were Formed

Here is a fun and interactive way to learn about the volcanic formation of islands in the Pacific, specifically the enchanting Hawaiian Islands. The site includes an animated learning module, a game, a set of Hawaiian legends, and more!

The site is fully illustrated with images and animations created by the young authors of the site.

The site features a navigational bar on the left that changes according to where you are in the site. Use the ukulele player icon to return to the index page.

Here is yet another outstanding site produced for the ThinkQuest Junior competition. How Our Hawaiian Islands Were Formed won a well-deserved platinum award. The site features a fun, detailed, and fully animated interactive learning module about the formation of the Hawaiian Islands. The module is divided into chapters and could be used as a set of lessons forming a short unit. Don't miss the quiz/game to save the village from the Hawaiian demi-goddess Pele's lava flow! Users must answer a series of questions about the information given in the learning module to save the village! The site also has a brief description of each island, a page of Hawaiian creation legends, and photos taken by the fourth-grade authors in Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. These talented kids have created a truly outstanding site!