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August 1, 1999

Famous American Trials

Courtroom proceedings at both the state and federal levels have defined many significant turning points in American history. The Famous American Trials Web site provides an in-depth look at several landmark legal battles.

The lay out is simple and includes images related to each of the trials covered.

The main page is the index to the site. Each trial featured is an independent section with a single link back to the main page. The linked pages for the individual trials have a link to that trial's main page at the bottom.

The Famous American Trials site provides an exceptional tool for teaching American history from the perspective of landmark legal battles. Included are famous trials dating back to the Salem witch hunts of 1692 and the Amistad case of 1839. The greatest number of the court cases, however, are from the 20th century and include cases involving the struggle for civil rights, Vietnam War crimes, the Chicago Seven, and the McCarthy era. Each case has an overview of events, a timeline, transcripts of the testimony, photographs, audio clips (when available), biographies of the participants, and other important information about the individual cases. This is a great resource for teaching about the evolution of the American legal system and important events in U.S. history.