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August, 1998


This site is dedicated to the WASP (Women Airforce Service Pilots) of WWII. Users will find information on World War II military history and aviation.

The site is graphic-intensive and designated as "best viewed with Java enabled browser." The pages have animation, cartoons, and photos.

The home page describes each section of the site listed on the navigation menu bar. Every page uses the same bar. Sections are underlined when highlighted. Each page has a title bar naming the section. The entire site can be searched using its search engine.

During World War II, 1,857 young women pilots from all over the United States went to Texas to train with the Air Force to fly military aircraft. This is an extensive site with photos and stories of the training process. Users can read press releases about the Women Airforce Service Pilots (WASP) or listen to audio clips of songs sung by WASPs during their training. The site has images of WWII and pictures and detailed information about the aircraft. Other audio files include speeches about the WASPs or users can view the speech text along with stories and quotes. The "Records" section of the site has official documents from the era and links to outside resources. Educators will be able to view or submit lesson plans and articles written by students and educators in the "Resources" area of the site. This is a new way to approach the teaching of World War II, as many students may be unfamiliar with the WASP story. The material here would also work for women's studies classes and student reports.