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S I T E     R E V I E W
August, 1998

GRADE LEVEL: Professionals

SchoolNotes allows educators and school organizations to communicate school information to students and parents.

This is a pretty simple site. The "SchoolNotes" themselves are displayed in a box.

Each page has a link back to the home page (called Home Room) and most pages have a more detailed menu with links to other sections of the site.

SchoolNotes.com is an online service, which acts as a tool for educators to present school information to students and parents via the Internet. No programming is required to use the program. Teachers can post homework assignments, event calendars, and other useful information. Students and parents can access the information at any time. Requirements for the service are a standard Internet Web browser and access to the Internet. Using the service (both posting and viewing) is free. Users can view a demonstration of the service at the site. It is an interesting tool for educators to use to increase involvement in their communities.