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August, 1998

Calgary Allergy Network
GRADE LEVEL: Parents & Professionals

The Calgary Allergy Network Web site has information and resources concerning allergies, particularly anaphylaxis (life-threatening) reactions.

The site uses large font text and a lot of white spacing, which makes it easy to read. Most information is presented on one page, which the user must scroll down to read.

Each page has a navigation menu at the bottom that has links to each section of the site. Each page has a link to the previous page on the left sidebar.

The Calgary Allergy Network was begun by a group of parents whose children have allergies. The Web site was started to pass along information about living with allergies, particularly life-threatening allergies (anaphylaxis). The organization offers support groups, videos, speakers, and other educational materials. The Web site has articles relating to allergies, including teacher guides for dealing with attacks. Links to educational resources include allergy handbooks, books, and other allergy Web sites. Educators should keep this site bookmarked for quick reference.