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S I T E     R E V I E W
AUGUST, 1997


(Formerly Think!)


This Web site has logic test questions, links to opinion and editorial news pages, Letters to the Editors from English newspapers around the world, and resources to discussion groups and pages.


The main page uses a blue background, minimal black & white graphics, and dividers for its layout. Subsequent pages use lighter backgrounds and are mainly text-based.


The links are generally found as hypertext in the middle of paragraphs and are easy to locate. Each page has a link back to the home page.


This site is for high school or older students though some of it could be used in middle school provided the teacher has reviewed the material beforehand. The author provides links to a variety of editorial and opinion news columns and original material. Much of the politics discussed concerns the Canadian government but the editorials come from newspapers in Canada and from around the world. The Letters to the Editor cover Canada and the United States. The additional outside resources include politics, social issues, religion, and technology. This Web site has material that may be considered controversial by some readers (but that is sort of the point to the site) and so all material should be viewed by teachers first. This would be a good site for philosophy, current events, ethics, and journalism classes. A very interesting site that will make its readers "Think".