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AUGUST, 1997

Kid's Health
GRADE LEVEL: Parents & Professionals

This is a collection of information and resources for children, parents and health professionals on a wide variety of children's health issues.

The site incorporates cartoon graphics and drawings to enhance the children's section; graphics in the "adult" areas are kept to a minimum.

The three main sections---Kids, Parents, and Professionals---are available from the main page. Each area has informative text with links to additional information based on key words.

Although the site is divided into three sections, all three are concerned with children's health issues. The Kids area deals with topics that may be concerning children, such as puberty, emotions and nutrition. This section also has interactive games, recipes, and reviews. The Parents section has information on common childhood illnesses, injuries, and problems and includes links to support groups and organizations. Each of the illnesses listed includes symptoms, description, prevention tips, the incubation and duration periods, the contagiousness of the illness, treatments (including at home and at the doctor), and information about when to call the doctor. The Professionals section has information for pediatricians and other health professionals. Health educators could probably use all three sections when creating or supplementing lesson plans.