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AUGUST, 1997
Updated JUNE, 2007

Cable in the Classroom Online
GRADE LEVEL: Professionals

This Web site is the online version of the Cable in the Classroom magazine. The information here includes articles about using the technology in education and specific curriculum resources.

The site uses frames and colorful graphics for its design. The background and border colors vary while the layout stays consistent.

The site has an icon-based navigation menu at the top of the frame. Each section uses a different color scheme which helps the user to recognize a change in area.

Cable in the Classroom (CIC) is a non-profit service of the cable television industry, which "seeks to match the resources of cable television with the needs of schools". The CIC network is membership-based; members provide cable connections and basic service at no charge to elementary and secondary schools in their service area. The network also helps educators use cable programming in their classrooms. Educational programs offered cover most subjects including math, English, science, social studies, biology, foreign languages and health as well as programs showing current events, documentaries, dramas and performing arts. The hard copy, as well as online version of the Cable in the Classroom magazine, offers educators listings so they can plan lessons and classroom activities in advance. All educators currently using cable in the their classrooms should definitely look over this site; so should educators who aren't currently using the technology but who might be interested in using it.