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AUGUST, 1997

Animals, Myths & Legends

The Web site has stories and games that describe myths and legends from indigenous peoples around the world which depict the importance of animals in their lives.

The site uses some cute cartoon graphics and colors that will appeal to a younger audience. It also works because some of the characters are mythical, such as dragons.

Each page has a link back to the home page, to the legends and to the games area. Those links are well marked with button graphics at the bottom of the page.

The Animals, Myths and Legends web site is actually a beginning development stage for a game that will later be played with a combination of CD-ROM and the Internet. This site was set up to help develop the characters, to receive input on legends and stories, and to explore myths and legends involving animals from many cultures. The legends and myths tell the stories of how the world began, where people came from, why animals are as they are and more. The Web site provides a good starting point for students to compare themes and ideas, and to learn about cultures. Students can express themselves by submitting original drawings and stories to the site. The games section has online activities and puzzles, and users who submit stories could win a prize. This would be a great site for English, literature and language arts teachers to use; students could read the legends online and then create their own. The site could also be used by social studies and culture studies teachers to show similarities and differences among cultures in a fun way.