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S I T E     R E V I E W
AUGUST, 1996


Kaplan : Get A Better Score

This site has an impressive amount of pages dedicated to helping students, from entering college to finding a job.

The graphics on this site are beautiful, but often slightly heavy in comparison to their needed uses.

Once you find the index page (under "What's Here), you will start to understand the site in all its grandness.

Kaplan, of course, is a commercial company selling products on this site. However, they have done a wonderful job providing free information on a myriad of subjects to students of all levels. Learn how to prepare for the standardized tests (PSAT to Graduate levels), learn about college admissions, careers, financial aid, and much more. Some of their many other features include test dates and registration, sample questions, vocabulary flash cards... the list goes on. A message board is also available to post messages to regarding the tests. I felt the opening graphic on their site was more geared towards repeat users to the site, and I had to delve a little deeper to find the meat of this site. But when I did I found it tasty indeed.