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AUGUST, 1996
Updated JUNE, 2007


The Great Books of Western Civilization

A great find for High School and College English Professors.

There is no graphics here, but nonetheless this one-page site is easily readable and understandable.

This site uses lists and other HTML techniques to organize the site in a simple and effective way.

This site is a one page site that explains the "Great Books Program" at Mercer University. Its philosophy is provide a careful study program in the primary texts of Western thought and belief. From Aeschilles to Albert Camus, Homer to Freud, herein lies links to the authors as well as to online sources of their texts. This is an impressive and high quality group of links for educators and their students. I wish the Course Title was next to the Course Number which provides a jump to the resources below. It is worthwhile to check out the Reference Resources at the very bottom of the page too.