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S I T E     R E V I E W
July, 1999


Here is one way cool site that kids will love. Their parents and teachers will love it too! The site's fun interactive games, chat rooms, free e-mail, search engines, and other great kids' stuff will keep children engaged for hours. Parents and teachers will love the free Web filtering software.

Bright colors, lively animations, and cool characters make this a super-high-interest site.

Click on the Site Map at the bottom of the main page for a comprehensive index. Each of the linked pages has a navigation bar at the top with links to the main sections of the site. ZeekSafe uses Shockwave and Java. Parts of the site can be slow loading.

Here is a site where kids can find games and learning activities, do school research, chat with their friends in adult-monitored rooms, create Web reports and projects, and have their own personalized e-mail and calendars. Zeeks has a variety of activities -- some are purely for fun; others are more educational. Parents and teachers won't want to miss the free, downloadable Web-filtering software that can help keep kids safe on the Internet. ZeekSafe is a membership site that asks for a minimal amount of information about the user and encourages the use of aliases. Membership is free and allows users access to the chat rooms, e-mail, and Zeeks super fun and creative factory projects privileges. This is a great site that is well worth bookmarking!