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July, 1999

The Long Walk of Nelson Mandela

The Long Walk of Nelson Mandela tells the story of the South African leader, his personal life, his character, and his leadership through intimate recollections of friends, political allies, adversaries, and fellow prisoners and jailers on Robben Island, where Mandela spent 18 of his 27 years in prison. The site includes a comprehensive teacher's guide with background information and questions.

The site is laid out like a newspaper, with lots of good images of Mandela.

The pages have navigational bars at the top left and the bottom.

The Long Walk of Nelson Mandela is an excellent tool for teachers who want to introduce students to research with primary sources. The site is an Internet version of a PBS Frontline film that chronicles the life of Nelson Mandela through transcripts of interviews with the people who surrounded him. The interviews give a rare insight into the inner workings of this dynamic individual who wrought such tremendous change in our modern world. A chronology of Mandela's life is available to help tie all of the information given in the interviews together. The teacher's guide gives a good history of the events that lead up to the discriminatory Apartheid Africa that Mandela grew up in, and dates back all the way to the arrival of white European settlers in 1652. An excellent site!