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S I T E     R E V I E W
July, 1999

Department of Justice Webpage for Kids

The Department of Justice Webpage for Kids helps teach kids about legal and civil rights, federal court procedures, drug abuse prevention, and ways to get involved in community action to help prevent crime. The site also links to the FBI Kids & Youth Website and the Top 10 Most Wanted List.

Lots of bright colorful backgrounds, images, and animations. Some of the text has low-contrast backgrounds and can be difficult to read.

The main page has links to the various parts of the site. Getting back to this page can be difficult, so bookmark it. Each section has a different organizational layout.

The Department of Justice Webpage does a good job of taking some complex subjects and explaining them in words that young people can understand. The site has plenty of useful information for the classroom too! It is divided into sections by subject or by age group and includes information guides for parents and teachers. The Inside the Courtroom section outlines the federal criminal court process and could serve as a good model for setting up a student courtroom. The Get It Straight section is actually a link to the Drug Enforcement Administration site and contains some good information about drug abuse prevention. The Hateful Acts Hurt Kids section can provide an excellent foundation for classroom discussions and projects on racism and prejudice.