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S I T E     R E V I E W
July, 1999
Updated JUNE, 2007

Creatures of the Night and You

"Creatures of the Night and You is an exploration into the sights and sounds, truths and fictions of crepuscular and nocturnal creatures (not just animals) and how we diurnal humans relate to them." The site is offered in English, Spanish, and French and includes activities, adventures, folktales, and more!

A starry night background creates a dramatic effect for most of the pages. The site map features an easy-to-read white background and lots of great images of night-loving creatures.

Each individual page links to a comprehensive site map and section page that precedes it.

Go on, explore the night! That's how two homeschoolers from Oklahoma got the inspiration to create this 1999 platinum award-winning ThinkQuest Junior site! The site introduces users to a variety of nocturnal and crepuscular creatures and plants, then compares some of the features (such as eyes) that make diurnal and nocturnal animals different. The site also looks at scientific reasons people often fear the dark. Interdisciplinary activities include interactive quizzes, puzzles, and field trips out into the night for a Flashlight Safaris! The safari includes telling folktales about nocturnal animals, both scary and not so scary, to set a mood for seeking nocturnal eyeshine in the night's darkness. This is a great site!