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S I T E     R E V I E W
July, 1998

Time 100 Poll

Users will find biographies and background information on the "most important people of the 20th century." The site comes from TIME magazine.

The site uses a dark blue background with white text. The biographies are color coded according to category. Each biography includes a photo.

The biographies are categorized into five themes. Links to each of the sections are at the top of each page. The biographies have links to the next page at the bottom of each page.

TIME Magazine is conducting a poll to answer the question "Who best defines the 20th century?" This Web site is profiling 100 individuals who have shaped the 20th century (though all the categories may not have been completed). The personalities were selected at a debate at Washington's Kennedy Center. Individuals are categorized into five groups -- "leaders and revolutionaries," "artists and entertainers," "builders and titans," "scientists and thinkers," and "heroes and inspirations." In December 1999, the "Person of the Century" will be selected from the list. The Web site allows users to cast votes and to discuss topics and personalities at the message boards. There is a lot of information here. History, political science, and current events teachers could use the site for interactive lessons. Students could use the site for research material. Everyone should find something interesting here.