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S I T E     R E V I E W
July, 1998

Little Planet Times

The Little Planet Times is a newspaper written by and for kids.

Many sections have graphic headers or markers. Many of the images are cartoonish and appealing to younger audiences.

Users can view the site map, which organizes the sections of the site and provides direct links to them. The navigation menus (text at the bottom of pages and graphic buttons on other parts of pages) lead to the home page of the newspaper section. Viewers should begin by clicking on the "Activities" button on the first page.

The Little Planet Times is part of the Little Planet Publishing Company's Web site. This section was created as an online children's newspaper, written by kids. Each issue has a central theme, upon which educators can base lesson plans or discussion ideas. The "Activities" section provides thought-provoking questions and links to the relative sections of the site. The activity page could be used as the starting point for an interactive, online lesson plan(s) for creative writing, English, or language arts. Educators should also frequent the site for ideas for other subject lessons, based on the current theme at the site. This is a good source for ideas for classes developing an Internet project or starting a student newspaper.