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S I T E     R E V I E W
July, 1998

Fourteen Days in October

This Web site provides an in-depth analysis of the Cuban Missile Crisis.

The colors used for the sidebar text links (blue text on a red background) are very difficult to read. The rest of the site is well designed and the layout is uniform while using different colors.

The sections are named for different parts of a "command center." Each page has a navigation menu on the sidebar linking to each of the "rooms." At the bottom and top of each page are links to the other sections of the site.

The Web site details and analyzes the Cuban Missile Crisis. The theme of the site is a command center where users can learn various aspects of the crisis in its different sections. The "Crisis Center" has a short summary of the events. The "Briefing Room" allows a user to hear an audio telling of the crisis. The "Recon Room" has background information on the major figures in the crisis. And the "Debriefing Room" lets viewers post questions and take a quiz on the information at the site. This is a great site for history or political science class lessons. The site has so much information that it could easily make a classroom activity for an extended period of time.