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S I T E     R E V I E W
July, 1998

Fairy Godmother

This site has stories, artwork and games for children.

This is a beautiful site. The artwork, graphics, and background all relate to the "fairies and magic" theme of the site. Some sections use Javascript but they also offer a lower-tech option.

Each page has the same navigation menu at the top. Some pages include an additional navigation menu at the bottom, which allows users to reach any part of the site.

The theme for this site is enchantment, and most images and activities follow that theme. Users will find stories about fairies and magic, accompanied by illustrations. Activities at the site include word find puzzles, a Java-based painting game, and an imagination game where words are interchanged to create new ideas. Educators may be interested in the "Wild Imagination Maker" for creative writing classes. Viewers click on the window image to see a randomly generated idea for a story. Teachers can use some of the sections of this site in writing or language arts lessons. Students will like the whole site and can be enthralled with the overall appeal. This is a growing site so look for additional stories and sections.