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JULY, 1997


This site bills itself as a "public forum for all matters geological and is open to students, university instructors, teachers, professional geologists, amateurs, and anyone else who seeks insight into the worlds daily geological rumblings."

The site mainly uses color for differentiation but also includes photos and graphics to enhance certain sections. The site also uses colorful maps whenever necessary and has a separate image gallery for most of its pictures.

The navigational menu bar is clearly marked and appears on each page. Every section has a large banner title that lets the user know which area of the site is currently being viewed.

This site comes from the publishers of geology magazines and has a ton of information. The sections range from daily life in the real world to an entire virtual world of geology. Areas include a daily updated section on current geologic events and a featured event discussed in some detail; news and reports on the discoveries and news; a section on current hot topics; information on the field of geology including class lectures, websites, references, news items, organizations, and glossaries; a virtual classroom which provides links to geology courses; an area to take virtual field trips around the world; separate forums for students, university instructors and K12 teachers; an image gallery, a section to pose questions of a geology professor and an online glossary for geologic terminology. This site is too good to pass up for all teachers, students and lovers of geology. Everyone can find what they're looking for here and it would make a great resource for planning lessons, improving knowledge or just having fun learning.