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JULY, 1997

4000 Years of Women in Science

This is a listing, including biographies, of the contributions and discoveries made by women working in the field of science over the last 4000 years.

The home page uses varying styles of text to separate areas and minimal graphics. The subsequent pages have more images and are more concise in layout.

Each of the four main sections is available from the main page and each area has a link back to the home page. The biographies are available in table or frame format.

While this website focuses on the contributions of women to science it does point out that its purpose is to firstly celebrate science and secondly present the women and their efforts so that others may be inspired to achieve success in scientific fields. While some of the entries do date back 4000 years, the list of women concentrates primarily on efforts from pre-20th century. Because the definition of science was much different in the past many of the women were not necessarily experts of a particular scientific discipline but rather studied astronomy, physics, mathematics, chemistry, natural philosophy or were inventors, writers or some other type of scholar. This is a great resource for gathering information for biographic reports but could also make interesting science lessons in the differences between past and modern science, the contributions of women to science, the development of the scientific process or more. The site is growing and so is the information available. It would be worthwhile to check back to the site periodically for updates.