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S I T E     R E V I E W
JULY, 1996

Space Educator's Handbook

Each of the 15 or so topics or lessons are very thorough and a valuable learning tool.

The layout of the Home Page is vertical, you need to do quite a bit of scrolling to get to the desired resource.

From the Home Page the user can access all the major parts of this site fairly easily

This site is a must-see for science teachers interested in using the internet (or computers) to teach space science. Here lies 15 or so major topic areas, some which are complete lesson plans. Movies are downloadable, there are "Space Comics" and a "Space Calendar" of historic events. Have your students learn about Apollo 13, or how mathematics is used in space. Also, there are downloadable files for retrieving software which teachers can run the information at this site offline. (Available for both Mac and PC). There are graphics on the home page for each of these areas, but they make the page both long to load and long to scroll through, and serve no strong function. There is, however, a nice set of educational links available from this site.