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S I T E     R E V I E W
JULY, 1996

The Scoop - Children's Book Reviews and Much More!

This site has a commendable amount of reviews and listings of children's books, but it doesn't stop at that, there's much more to this site...

This site is bright and colorful, and graphics intensive. But that's okay, I liked seeing the book covers of the reviewed books. A very visually pleasing site to visit.

The main page leads you directly to your area of interest with a clear hierarchy of subject and content areas.

From toddlers to teens, teachers and parents alike will find reviewed quality books to help them educate children. There are five info-packed pages in this Summer '96 edition. REALLY, if you're interested in finding the latest and greatest books for kids, this is it. Beyond that, users can access past editions (these "Issues" are published about 4 or so times a year), there is an educator's resource center, and activity center with some really neat resources, a chat room (open certain hours), and there's also an interactive reading adventure which I found enchanting. Readers actually guide the story by choosing "paths" which the story can take. Each path is illustrated with fun backgrounds and images. This is a great and fun alternative to reading for kids. I am truly impressed with this site's content, thoughtfulness, and organization.